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Throughout our 15 + year history, Best Wire & Cable has worked with countless mechanical contractors throughout Texas and the southern United States giving us the experience and expertise to be a tremendous partner.  Our Dallas and Houston warehouses both contain a full inventory of multi-conductor plenums, LONS/LANS/LOCAPS/MIDCAPS, systems-specific temperature control cables, automation, and additional low voltage offerings needed for mechanical contractors.  

Along with the essential wire needs our warehouses to contain associated cable management items that make the job of any mechanical contractor easier.  Our assortment of j-hooks, beam clamps, cable ties, tape, velcro, etc is available and ready to be added to all future wire orders.  

Get set up on account today to be ready for your next project.



We specialize in commercial mechanical and automation/controls in the San Antonio/Austin area.  At first, we just bought a select number of piece parts and small metal items from Best Wire.  We were introduced to them by another local company and were pleased with their pricing on small items.  Over the next year, we learned more and more about their wire and cable options that would fit our needs, especially in the controls arena.  We were in no way unhappy with our previous wire supplier but we have not converted completely to using Best Wire & Cable for all our low-voltage needs including cable. They stock a variety of what we need and have never failed to get us the 


Our guys at Best Wire have the best prices on the 22 AWG and 18 AWG stuff we need on an everyday basis.  We use some locaps and lons on specific jobs that they also carry in stock but our bread and butter is the 18 AWG - 6 & 8 conductor.  They have been able to provide us with 500 ft and 1000 ft rolls at great prices.  The guys in the office are easy to deal with and always have some hats and shirts for us.   It has been a short run but they have become great partners for us and I am sure they will be the same for you.


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